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I did this not because I was worried about being hacked but because I read somewhere that it might help a problem I was having with my iPad — hanging and stalling YouTube streaming. When I tried to set it up again, I discovered that I had forgotten the procedure I had done before.

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Another round of Twitter advice, and I got it working again by doing the following. Hopefully these simple steps will be helpful to whoever stumbles across this post in the future:. This is where many people, including me, had the problem.

How to Setup VPN on PS4 and PS3 – 3 Sure Shot Ways!

Here's how:. All personal folders Photos, Videos, and Music are selected by default, but if you have media in other folders, add them. Step Then select it, click "Allow," then "OK. This will allow your PS3 to "see" your Mac.

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  • Then, at the bottom, add folders you want your PS3 to access. You can choose to add your entire hard drive, but it's helpful to add shortcuts to folders like Music, Videos, and Pictures. Step 4: Go to Transcoding Settings, and change the Maximum bandwidth to 14 or If you have a very strong network connection, leave it at 0. What is an ip address? IP addresses are four sets of numbers separated by periods that allow computers to identify each other.

    Every computer has at least one ip address, and two devices should never have the same ip address. If they do, neither of them will be able to connect to the internet.

    Setup SaferVPN on Playstation (PS3/PS4)

    There is a lot of information at the following link. You don't need all of it. But if you want to know more about how networks work, you'll find it there.

    For more information on ip addresses, subnets, and gateways go here. They do this because dynamic ip address networks require no configuration.

    Help please! PS3 won't connect to the internet (wired network)

    The end user can simply plug their computer or console in, and their network will work. When ip addresses are assigned dynamically, the router is the one that assigns them. Every time a computer or console reboots it asks the router for an ip address. The router then hands it an ip address that has not already been handed out to another computer or console.

    Connect VPN on (PS3 & PS4) through Windows 7-8:

    This is important to note. When you set your PS3 to a static ip address, the router does not know that the PS3 is using that ip address.

    So the very same ip address may be handed to another computer or console later, and that will prevent both devices from connecting to the internet. So when you asign a static IP addresses, it's important to assign an IP address that will not be handed out to other devices by the dynamic IP address server. The dynamic IP address server is generally refered to as the dhcp server. Step 1: Turn on your PS3, and then navigate to the Settings option on the main menu.

    How to Manually Assign an IP address in Your Router

    Step 2: Move down this list to Network Settings. Network Settings should be at the very bottom of the list.

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    Step 3: After you have selected Network Setting, move to the right and select Settings and Connection Status List in the list that comes up.