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The nice thing is that by hosting those images on a server, the formatted email complete with photos is actually quite small — the example above is KB in size, even though the images that are used in it are well over 2 MB each. Thanks for this article.

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Is sending emails through Mac convenient and more effective than that through Outlook? Safari seems to only let me display the code that is currently shown onscreen, and not the alternative. Do you have another suggestion to get the code into Mail.

Using Apple Mail Stationery

I have tested it and it seems to work. On an iphone it looks like there is a bit more space added in between each JPG, but its not that major.

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  • I appreciate any advice. Bad News: It was last updated for High Sierra. For those using WordPress websites, it is pretty easy to create your html in a wordpress post or page, including your images, and then copy that page to your email. Just tested it, and it works well. Unfortunately, this way the email will not be responsive — it looks messy on mobile… You need to find another way ;.

    How to send cool emails from the Mail app with Stationery

    All that is fine as long as the html email can be read by other email clients, mostly program like Outlook which is widely used. When I learned to code html emails 5 or more years ago, it was a nightmare make certain that the email looked correct in all the possible email programs that people could use. The Equinux templates work the same way, except they come installed in a separate browser. If your selected template allows for it, you can click on the Photo Browser in the toolbar and fill an image placeholders with a photo. The browser will access photos in your iPhoto and Aperture 2.

    You can download the pack and preview them before purchase.

    About Apple Mail stationery in macOS 10.14 “Mojave”

    Equinux provides a set of free trial templates as well. The wide variety of their templates should be enough for almost any type of greetings and occasions. The templates are included in a separate browsing software which breaks up all the Equinux templates into categories and allows for keyword searching and filtering.

    This keeps your default Mail stationery browser from getting bloated with templates you may never use. The embedded web page approach seems to work a little better, but it takes little longer to prepare than using the Stationery templates.

    Using Apple Mail Stationery

    Let me know if you have used any of the templates and how well they have worked for you. I think, the use of Apple products for the manufacture of greeting cards are perfectly suited. Because Apple computers are designed in such a way to design like this. We as social creatures are often using the moment to give each other holiday greeting cards.

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