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Nintendo kicked off the presentation by announcing a Switch release of Mark of the Ninja , the critically acclaimed stealth-action platformer.

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Few details were shared about the title, but the game is slated to arrive for the hybrid console sometime this fall and will be a "high definition remaster. In addition to that, the classic puzzle game Lumines is also being remastered for Switch. This "HD remake" will release for the system in spring and features new HD rumble support, which will match up with both the beat of the music and the action on-screen, as well as local multiplayer.

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The former is a quirky stick-figure western that features traditional turn-based battles, while the latter is a compilation of Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty , two Tinder-inspired RPGs in which players swipe left or right on various cards to make decisions on how to rule their kingdom. The presentation ended with a look at The Banner Saga 3 , which will arrive on Switch and other platforms sometime this summer.

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Before then, however, players will be able to experience the entire trilogy from the beginning with the Switch release of Banner Saga 1 and 2. Those two games are slated to launch for the hybrid console "soon" and carry progress and decisions over from one title to the next. You can see all of the new Switch games from the Nindies Showcase Spring in our roundup. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

Lots Of New Nintendo Switch Remasters And Ports Are On The Way

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Lots Of New Nintendo Switch Remasters And Ports Are On The Way - GameSpot

I'm probably just going to buy it on my PC anyway to support you guys, I try to support developers who actually deserve it. I hope the game makes success, and would like very much to play this game on a Mac, but as the representative of Klei said above, the issue of resources, heavily influences in small studios.

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  • Lots Of New Nintendo Switch Remasters And Ports Are On The Way - GameSpot.
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So hopefully the game sold a lot, so who knows in the future, more games from Klei, be released for Mac. I also hope it makes it Macside. Works flawlessly in Crossover.

How did you get it to work on Crossover? I'm having trouble The Shank games were ported to mac and linux.