Nokogiri libxml2 is missing mac

Even though Nokogiri now bundles its own version of libxml2, the issue still persists. What an irony! I would say the best solution is still to depend on the updated version of libxml2 that is bundled with Xcode, rather than to depend on Rails or Nokogiri to solve this whole mess.

Nokogiri : installer avec « Building native extensions » sous Mac OSX Sierra | Sois Net !

Do go ahead and ensure that you have agreed to the Xcode license in order to use the libraries bundled with Xcode. If you do still experience a missing libxml2 issues, just check the xml2 include directory for its exact location.

GitLab installation fails because of nokogiri

Powered by Acorno Media. While trying to install Ruby on Rails with the supposedly basic command gem install rails on my El Capitan OS X, I encountered this error: libxml2 is missing. Please locate mkmf.

The solution

Nokogiri is installed rubygems of the ruby 1. For my part I even had to rebuild Ruby when I moved to homebrew, because it was referencing some gmkdir from coreutils package in the RbConfig, which would cause gems using that to fail to build.