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Sort of a arp based ping? There is arping, but we need rarping Of course, I understand that I can't arp outside my default gateway, but if there is a rarp request, how is it used inside the local network? Thanks to whatever guru can explain what we're missing. My instance where I found this useful was after updating the firmware on a switch remotely via TFTP, the IP of the switch would change making pinging redundant, obviously.

Trying a network scan over Spiceworks or rescanning the single device would not update the IP and I needed an alternate way to find it. This method worked perfectly. Thank you.

Hopefully this helps those trying to understand the purpose of this practice and how it was in-fact useful. I understand the issues in attempting to use a MAC address to locate a device from outside of its local network. The router is connected to Comcast with a Motorola SB modem. Comcast assigns a system wide dynamic IP. There is no static IP. On initial setup, a WiFi connection is first established between the thermostat and the router. It is then possible to read or set thermostat values using Total Connect Web pages. Does anyone understand how this works with Total Connect? This post was extremely helpful, thanks itdownsouth : I used show interface to find MAC addresses on our switches reason for this is poor network documentation and mis-labeled switchports and wall jacks Tedious, but found 5 or 6 now seeing hexadecimal thoughts now though By the way, the reason this is working great for me is the lack of routers -- all switches, so if you have only one subnet like we do, this will do -- otherwise, you will probably need to login to the router or switch on the other side of the router to find MAC address tables on the other networks.

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You may not be able to see them all on the local host, as far as arp -a on the local host, but looking up the arp or hosts tables on switches and routers could be a possible solution for those with multiple subnets. Use SuperScan to do a bulk ping of the entire network range. SuperScan 3 I recommend is a free tool by McAfee. It should be able to find most devices on the network.

Windows XP - Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card

You can specify the range to scan and scan across subnets. I won't try to share all the features because quite frankly I don't know them all. I can tell you exactly how I designed it. It's actually quite simple. Nothing is sent back to the unit.


The unit is allowed access to the Internet via your setup and the router. As long as the unit has permission to make an outbound connection it will work. What happens is the unit makes a report to the server. If it needs to make a request then it gives the server a unique key. The server puts any needed data in an xml readable and the thermostat or quite a few other devices hits that URL a few seconds later the device told the server where it would pick up that info.

Step 1: Open the command prompt

All your device needs is a simple read-only connection to the outside world. No need to download anything. There were many processes built off of this simple idea it was pretty cutting edge when I first designed it. Store and forward, offline browsing, push technology, etc. Am I rich?

Windows: Command to Find MAC Address

Not even close. I was working on my PhD at the time and was hired by Honeywell to implement my design. I literally gave it away to the general public as is right. Home Windows Windows 7 How-tos. Find an ip address from a known mac address. Windows 7 General Windows General Networking.

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    How to Change Your MAC Address in Windows 10 (and Why You Might Want To)

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